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  • Does your organization have clear focus on where you must aim to succeed?
  • Are you confident that your plans include all that is necessary to hit your target?
  • Is your team, both leadership and others, in lock step and committed to make it happen?
  • Are you able to routinely tell en route how you are progressing toward your goal, what changes to make and how and when to make them?

The truth is that your answers to these simple questions could provide you with a quick feel for the quality and probable effectiveness of your organization's strategy and execution. They also could give you some insight into whether your staff members feel challenged and feel like they are your partners in attaining your dreams and visions. You could determine whether they are thrilled by their work, which might be the ultimate resource needed for your organization to excel.

The Crystal Group, Ltd., has been helping organizations since 1993 to work in these areas, helping them to dream, to highlight clarity, to determine direction, to innovate strategy, and to develop plans, procedures and measurement systems that succeed. Additionally, through its Beyond Ourselves Division that was started in 1999, it provides team building and leadership development services and the coaching needed to complete the package, incliuding  business, executive/leader and life coaching.

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